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WageIndicator Foundation aims to assist individual workers and employers with real wage data during negotiations and job search; workers, employers and labour inspectors with comprehensive insight in national Labour Law, and how to comply with the law; and individual workers and employers with problems of daily working life. The national WageIndicator websites function as online, up to date labour market libraries for workers, employers, governments, academics and media alike.

WageIndicator’s Indonesian website, Gajimu Garment, provides people who work in garment sector in Indonesia with information on wages and labor law. Gajimu Garmen also collects and compares working conditions data from various garment factories through on- and offline surveys. Initial data is collected by on-the ground researchers and kept up to date with online surveys. WageIndicator will control for outliers. The survey findings are shared on the website and are available for the public, including garment workers, employers, government, buyers, and brands.

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# and type of entity125Factories
# of metrics disclosed30+
# of data points gathered per entity1+
Year of first public disclosure2017
Data collection methodPrimary field research, Crowd-sourcing
Data verification methodCrowdsourced: Checked by WageIndicator Foundation
Themes evaluatedChild labor, Employment security, Forced labor, Freedom of association / collective bargaining / industrial relations, Maternity protection, Occupational health and safety, Social security, Vocational guidance and training, Wages, Working time
Vehicle for disclosureWebpage
Cost to accessFree
Intended users of the DisclosureWorkers in factories, Factories and/or suppliers, Brands and retailers, Unions, Governments, Investors, NGOs and civil society, Media