RepRisk uses a proprietary, systematic framework that combines cutting-edge technology with hands-on human intelligence in 15 languages to deliver dynamic and curated risk information. This method captures and analyzes data from media, stakeholders, and other public sources external to the company evaluated. This insight helps balance and substantiate the information provided by the company itself, and helps assess whether a company’s intention – policies, processes, and commitments – translates into practice.

RepRisk has two main metrics, the RepRisk Index (RRI) and the RepRisk Rating (RRR). The RRI builds on the risk incidents for a given company. The RRR builds on the risk incidents for a given company, and on its country-sector risk exposure.

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# and type of entity100,000 Factories, Brands, Retailers, Suppliers
Region Global
# of metrics disclosed2
# of data points gathered per entity73
Year of first public disclosure2007
Data collection method Secondary desk research
Data verification methodNo Verification
Themes evaluated Child labor , Forced labor , Freedom of association collective bargaining and industrial relations , Non-discrimination harassment and equality , Occupational health and safety , Regulatory framework and enforcement
Vehicle for disclosureSearchable database
Cost to accessSubscription, depending on number of users / org
Intended users of the DisclosureBrands and retailers, Governments, Investors, NGOs and civil society