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Fair Wear Foundation

Fair Wear Foundation (Fair Wear) is non-profit multi-stakeholder organisation focused on the CMT (cut, make, trim) stage of garment production and making fair fashion the new normal. Its mission is to see a world in which the garment industry supports workers in realising their rights to safe, dignified, properly paid employment. Fair Wear works with its 140+ member brands and engages directly with factories, trade unions, NGOs, and government. Four key activities make up the Fair Wear approach: Brand Performance Checks, factory audits, complaints helplines (remediation) and factory training sessions.

The Brand Performance Check is a tool Fair Wear uses to assess how its member brands’ business practices improve labour conditions. Every year, it reviews brands’ efforts by measuring how well they have assessed, identified, and resolved issues with their suppliers. During the Brand Performance Check Fair Wear staff visits the brand and reviews the evidence that brands put forward, and various staff (sourcing manager, CSR responsible, CEO) are interviewed. Brand Performance Checks aim to help brands determine what they are doing well and where they can improve to create step-by-step positive and sustainable change. Making the results of these checks open to the public ensures transparency and helps keep the brands accountable. The brand can comment on the report before it is published.

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# and type of entity144Brands, Retailers
# of metrics disclosed45
# of data points gathered per entity45
Year of first public disclosure2010
Data collection methodPrimary field research
Data verification methodOn-Site 3rd Party Verification | Desk-Based 3rd Party Verification (entity-submitted docs)
Themes evaluatedBuilding and fire safety, Child labor, Electrical safety, Employment policy and promotion, Employment security, Forced labor, Freedom of association / collective bargaining / industrial relations, Labor administration and inspection, Maternity protection, Non-discrimination/rights protection for: indigenous and tribal peoples, Non-discrimination/rights protection for: migrant workers, Non-discrimination/rights protection for: workers with HIV and AIDS, Occupational health and safety, Protection of children and young persons, Purchasing practices, Regulatory framework and enforcement, Social policy, Social security, Transparency, Tripartite consultation, Vocational guidance and training, Wages, Working time
Vehicle for disclosurePDF
Cost to accessFree
Intended users of the DisclosureBrands and retailers, Unions, Governments, Consumers, Investors, NGOs and civil society