Better Work Jordan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Nicaragua

Better Work conducts unannounced factory assessments in participating factories approximately every 12 months. A confidential assessment report is shared with factory management and with brands and retailers that have subscribed to that factory. For Jordan, Indonesia and Bangladesh transparency website is going to be fully operational in 2017, disclosing compliance findings on an average of 25 labor issues (the number varies across countries). Factories have the opportunity of uploading unverified responses and additional information to the disclosed findings.

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# and type of entity627 Factories
Region N/A
# of metrics disclosed25
# of data points gathered per entity250
Year of first public disclosure2017
Data collection method Primary field research
Data verification methodThird Party Verification, Crowd-Sourcing
Themes evaluated Building and fire safety , Child labor , Employment security , Forced labor , Freedom of association collective bargaining and industrial relations , Labor administration and inspection , Maternity protection , Non-discrimination harassment and equality , Occupational health and safety , Protection of children and young persons , Social security , Wages , Working time
Vehicle for disclosureSearchable database
Cost to accessFree
Intended users of the DisclosureWorkers in factories, Factories and/or suppliers, Brands and retailers, Unions, Governments, Consumers, Investors, NGOs and civil society, Academia