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The WikiRate Project

The nonprofit WikiRate Project hosts, an open data platform that brings corporate sustainability data together in one place, making it accessible, comparable, and free for all. Since launching in 2013, WikiRate has strived to foster collective awareness on corporate responsibility, made possible through an open, editable, wiki platform that connects a global community. The collaborative platform enables academics, nonprofits, standard bodies, investors, companies, and the broader public to research, discuss and rate company performance. It aims to spur corporations to be transparent and responsive by making data about their social and environmental impacts accessible, comparable and free for all.

Data is aggregated to the platform in three ways: API integration, scraping and importing from public databases and through individual or collective research. Each data point comes from a public document and cites a source where the data was found. The inclusion of contextual information and research methodology alongside source citations, supports quality checking and verification through a ‘double-checking’ feature. In addition, locking mechanisms exist for verified data.

WikiRate runs three active programs all committed to opening up datasets on corporate sustainability and transparency: Legislative Frameworks, SDGs Research, and Transparent Value Chains. Our partners in research include volunteers and students who conduct research for a class assignment, and civil society and advocacy organizations looking for a scalable, public model for conducting corporate sustainability research.

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# and type of entity21,300Brands, Retailers, Suppliers
FrequencyAd hoc
# of metrics disclosedVariable
# of data points gathered per entity0-1500
Year of first public disclosure2015
Data collection methodSecondary desk research, Crowd-sourcing
Data verification methodCrowdsourced: Mechanism for Crowd Accuracy Challenges and Updates
Themes evaluatedBuilding and fire safety, Child labor, Electrical safety, Employment policy and promotion, Employment security, Forced labor, Freedom of association / collective bargaining / industrial relations, Labor administration and inspection, Maternity protection, Non-discrimination/rights protection for: indigenous and tribal peoples, Non-discrimination/rights protection for: migrant workers, Non-discrimination/rights protection for: workers with HIV and AIDS, Occupational health and safety, Protection of children and young persons, Purchasing practices, Regulatory framework and enforcement, Relationships between brands and suppliers, Social policy, Social security, Transparency, Tripartite consultation, Vocational guidance and training, Wages, Working time
Vehicle for disclosureSearchable database, webpage
Cost to accessFree
Intended users of the DisclosureWorkers in factories, Factories and/or suppliers, Brands and retailers, Unions, Governments, Consumers, Investors, NGOs and civil society, Academics, Students, Media