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Born out of credit risk management, the purpose of RepRisk’s dataset is not to provide ESG ratings, but to systematically identify and assess material ESG risks. RepRisk has always taken an outside-in approach to ESG risks, by analyzing information from public sources and stakeholders and intentionally excluding company self-disclosures. It is now well-accepted that self-reported information is not reliable data – especially when it comes to risks. RepRisk leverages the combination of AI and machine learning with human intelligence to systematically analyze public information and identify material ESG risks. RepRisk’s flagship product, the RepRisk ESG Risk Platform, is the world’s largest and most comprehensive due diligence database on ESG and business conduct risks, with expertise in 20 languages and coverage of 140,000+ public and private companies and 35,000+ infrastructure projects. It allows to conduct in-depth risk research on companies, infrastructure projects, sectors, and countries, identify the industry-specific material ESG risks in line with the SASB standards, or monitor your ESG risks daily.

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# and type of entity175,000Factories, Brands, Retailers, Suppliers
# of metrics disclosed4
# of data points gathered per entity28 ESG Issues
Year of first public disclosure2007
Data collection methodSecondary desk research
Data verification methodNo Verification
Themes evaluatedChild labor, Environment, Forced labor, Freedom of association / collective bargaining / industrial relations, Non-discrimination/rights protection for: migrant workers, Non-discrimination/rights protection for: workers with HIV and AIDS, Occupational health and safety, Regulatory framework and enforcement
Vehicle for disclosureSearchable database, Data feed
Cost to accessSubscription (depending on number of users / org)
Intended users of the DisclosureBrands and retailers, Governments, Investors, NGOs and civil society, Banks, Academia, Insurance providers